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Patience is a vertue.
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Cyber bullying is, without question, a growing problem in today's social networking society, and quite literally, a silent killer. It is our feeling, as deviants, that more action should be taken by the DeviantART staff to prevent this.

According to DeviantART's etiquette, cyber bullying would fall under “discouraged commentary”, being known as having “the potential to escalate into an aggressive or abusive situation...we discourage public accusations and other similar situations.” It is clear that the DeviantART staff does work to keep the peace on DeviantART, and make it a positive experience for all of it's users. They discourage harassment and exploitation of other users and heated public disputes and encourage users to report acts of such nature; however, discouraging is still tolerating, and we do not believe that bullying should be tolerated on DeviantART.

It is important to understand, however, that cyber bullying does not include things such as a mutual argument between two or more people. Cyber bullying is deliberate and personal attacks intended to intimidate, threaten, humiliate, degrade and/or disgrace an individual on the internet, whether or not they are posted publicly or sent privately. This behavior is quite different than two or more people engaging in a personal argument and thus, should be handled differently. Cyber bullying should be considered “Prohibited Commentary”, punishable by banishment. It is a concern of many that simply discouraging such behavior by removing the offending deviations is ineffective in preventing bullying because it allows the bullies to continue their behavior and encourages them to then resort to harassing via private communication.

We understand that there is always more than one side to every conflict and sometimes it can be difficult to define a behavior as “bullying”, because some conflicts are made to look one-sided, but might be a mutual argument. This is why, to be fair, we believe that anyone accused of bullying should be given an opportunity to plead their case before being banished.

Therefore, we as DeviantART users believe that cyber bullying should be treated and handled with more severity than a 'discouraged commentary', and should be treated as an offense that is punishable by banishment.


1. RachelErica

2. Spectra615

3. DevithewRHG

4. ririmania1335

5. M3tr0idgrl

6. SMDKFan

7. SweetMint9

8. MagicNinja-Gal

9. Vesuvitheechidna

10. andreabunton

11. nuii700

12. Drakolance

13. Dogmouseart

14. FionaRain

15. TrulyOutrageousJem

16. NightOwl285

17. Calenator

18. tmntfangirl11

19. Tornwing4ever

20. NinjaWoodpeckers91

21. Nightshade678

22. raphiesgirl1

23. GirlforGod99

24. Raphiefangirl

25. Solarknight117


27. techno936

28. Iluvshadow-kun

29. Ask-TMNT-and-Oc

30. MarioGamer96

31. XOXOjayden

32. Symbionia

33. Imaginative-Light77

34. Mr-Herp-Derp

35. SweetDream87

36. slycooper972

37. zoofa1230

38. DesnaTheDragoniarian

39. MandyMullins2

40. darkskiesangel

41. Shadows911

42. Bellaw28

43. NicholasName

44. PsychedelicFreedom

45. Plynwfire607

46. NeoduelGX

47. TheMysticalQ

48. VampireQueenEffeffia

49. sonicfighter

50. victauron

51. CRGPhotography

52. Rey-of-Arcadia

53. Natasha-Delphox

54. SilverandBlaze4EVR

55. SierraFaith

56. KarateCat211

57. CohensxMadafakas

58. CrystalAura------1

59. tmpoole96

60. creasentLPS

61. AurenTheEchidna

62. Mixedfan8643

63. kitteh---girl

64. RaccoonMagic

65. 1misteraaron

66. SonicWindAttack

67. Scurvyhedgehog

68. Cartoonguy133

69. LovelyLadyGray

70. TMNT2012fan

71. Julaya

72. Dragon222

73. MyLittlePrimo

74. BreakinBenny

75. LayaboutJoe

76. theunspokenheroine

77. UlterButterMario

78. SatsuAyaka

79. xmichaxb7

80. manicgirl155

81. kooikerhondjedog

82. puppy-eyes-6

83. KurobaFox1412

84. Sonar15

85. EmoFoxBitch

86. PhantomtheBat

87. pollydragon

88. bloodawni

89. Padme-Croft

90. tmnt-magic-pencil

100. stephlover

Please sign and re-post this petition if you agree. (taken from spectra615)

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