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Featuring Mairi and Velna
Spring, Year 763 of the New Age
Westhaven, Windborne


Velna yawned and shook herself awake. She continued walking, traveling to the spot where she would meet the teacher of her third magic lesson. As Velna walked she noticed that the early morning around her was cool and held a mist that made the trees look a light blueish grey. Velna inhaled deeply, taking in the cool early spring air as she made her way through the underbrush.


Today she had been asked to teach another herd member in magic, she was good at magic and most the herd knew this so the request was not unusual. A little miffed she could not do this on the beach she loved but not knowing the level of her student on the open plains was better assessment area.


Pushing through the last of the underbrush Velna entered the clearing. Velna saw the other doe and walked over to her. "Hello, I'm Velna. Are you my magic teacher?" Velna asked politely. She hoped that the doe was her teacher and not just some random doe, the situation would end up being really awkward otherwise.


"Hello Velna.. I believe I am..My name is Mairi" she smiled.
"I believe you have had some lessons already. Would you mind showing me what you already know? Then I can assess where we need to go to progress your training." Mairi asked when she was teaching she was very focused.


"Nice to meet you Mrs. Mairi." Velna said politely, a smile on her muzzle. Velna listened to the older doe's instructions and nodded. "No problem." Velna replied. Velna turned her head to the sky and concentrated. After a moment the wind picked up speed. Velna kept the wind's speed at a gale for a moment.

After that Velna slowed the wind down, she kept the wind's new speed at a gentle breeze. Velna then stopped the wind completely. Once that was done Velna took a moment to take a breath. Velna then turned her focus on the leaves that littered the ground. After a moment of concentrating a small whirlwind was created. Velna let the whirlwind die out and turned to Mairi. "Well, that's all I know how to do."


She watched the doe and the wind with widened eyes. "Right we need to go to the beach follow me." She began to walk to the beach as they walked. "You need to know how to suddenly change the winds direction with out a whirl wind form and I find it easier with a cliff near buy. It also means we are more protected and less likely to cause damage as the cliff will stop the winds and the dunes buffer them so other fawns are safe, which is the best idea if you ask me." They walked on over the dunes to the enclosed beach that Mairi spent a lot of time on during the summer.

"Right," Mairi flicked her tail left the wind blew that way then she flicked it the other way and the wind changed the sea churned slightly then she dropped her tail and it stopped "That is how it is done under great control, we'll start slow." she smiled at her student.


She followed the older doe as they made their way to the cliff. Velna listened to the doe's words carefully and nodded in agreement when Mairi was finished speaking. As they stood near the cliff Velna watched Mairi use her tail to control the winds direction. She looked at the older doe and nodded. "Okay, what should I do first?"


Mairi thought for a moment "Get it going in a slow breeze one way and I will instruct you from there." She stood and waited for her to do as she was asked.


She nodded and looked to the sky. Velna concentrated and after a moment the wind started blowing to the left of them. Velna glances at Mairi. "What now?"


"Imagine catching it and throwing it the other way or trying to get it to change before it hits the cliffs" She smiled "I do it through thoughts and feeling.. Like go this way now." She giggled a little. "Take your time if you need to make it slower do so.. When I first did it I had to stop it to change direction it took lots of practice before I got it."


Velna nodded and took a deep breath. She watched the wind as it blew to the left of where the two does stood. Velna concentrated on the wind and got an idea. She imagined the wind as a bird dancing on the breeze. In her mind's eye Velna pictured the wind as the bird, she then pictured the wind-bird flying to the left. After a moment Velna pictured the wind-bird twirling and then flying to the right, flying back towards Velna.

Velna felt the wind shift and slowly change directions. She opened her eyes and smiled what she saw that the wind had indeed, changed direction and was blowing to the right instead of the left.


"Very good now you just need to practice to do it quicker it is very useful, you can buffer an opponent off balance." She smiled at her. "Now the question is do you want to try that with me who can counter you and stop it getting out of control??" She asked with a smile.


She nodded. "Yeah, I think practicing with you would be best. That way if it does get out of control and I can't stop it then you would be able to." Velna replied with a smile.


She braced herself. "When you ready Velna..I am" She stated with a smile. "Just do as you did but quicker so you need to stay can do it." She smiled with her tail up just in case she needed to calm the winds.


She nodded and closed her eyes. Velna concentrated hard and after a moment the wind picked up. Velna took a breath and pushed the wind to go faster.

She kept the winds speed at a strong gale and then Velna had the wind change direction. Velna had a little trouble controlling the wind but she managed to keep enough control that the wind didn't go wild.


"That's fantastic!" She wondered over to Velna and stopped quite close to her. "This is all I can teach you and is all the wind you can be tough. You can now be a magic soldier like me." She took a breath. "A storm bringer if you want to be. You need a bit more speed for that but your not far off." She smiled. "Well I am going to enjoy the rest of the day on the beach. You can do what ever you feel like now." She smiled. "You can stay and practice here or you can go home and rest."


Velna slowed the wind until it was a gentle breeze. She turned to the other doe as she walked closer. Velna bowed her head respectfully. "Thank you for teaching me. I'm truly grateful. I think I'll go home and rest."

The End.

Word Count:

Velna: 610

Mairi: 596

All together: 1,206

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