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Patience is a vertue.
United States
DeviantID: sarasopranothe5th.deviantart.c…

Please donate points! I really need some.…
I have an idea for a closed species but I'd like to have someone else do the art.

What I'm looking for is a partner of sorts, someone to listen to my idea and together we make the closed species real. I hope to sell adoptables on here and on DeviantArt, not sure what the price will be but my partner will get half of whatever profit is made.

If you are interested you must be somewhat active on AT LEAST ONE of the accounts below.

List of what is a must have:
Lioden account (obviously)
DeviantArt account
Email account (yahoo, gmail or something that can receive emails from yahoo/gmail)

How to apply:
Lioden Name and ID:
Example of your Art (animal):
Example of your Art (other):

I'd like to have at least two examples of art from each person. One should be an animal (not fantasy) and the other example can be anything you'd like, fantasy, non-fantasy, human, whatever!

I already have a sort of base image of the Species I have in mind. I would like to email it to whoever I choose as a partner and that's why I'm requiring some sort of email. I will NOT put up the base image here or anywhere else. I will only email it to whoever I choose.

I will PM whoever I pick to be my partner in this. Once I do we can exchange emails then. This closed species I have in mind is not set, I'd be more than willing to consider any suggestions/ideas from my chosen partner.

Well, I think that all. If you have any questions feel free to Note me or comment below.

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